December, On the first day of December, the lighting of the giant Christmas tree features the highlight of a month-long celebration of the Holy birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Shows and entertainment every night beginning 30th of November are presented by government and non-government organizations, schools, Barangays, Indigenous Peoples, Senior Citizens and all other groups from private sectors by schedule.

It is a thorough cleaning and ordering activity to clear up the shorelines. This is an international activity held every third Sunday of September.  Its objective is to preserve and safeguard the Mother Earth’s resources along the shorelines.

The Pista Y Ang Kagueban, a Cuyuno dialect which means “Pista ng Kagubatan” was conceptualized by the then Palawan Integrated Area Development Project Office (PIADPO) in 1991.  This is to institutionalize the protection and conservation of the environment for the youth.  Irawan watershed was selected as the primary area for the tree planting site.

The City of Puerto Princesa’s immense developments in the last ten years have left the light pink blossoms of the “Balayong” in the sidelights.  The term is the local Cuyuno name for Palawan Cherry, a small-medium sized tree that is the symbol of feminine dominance, female beauty, and love in the language of herbs.