Enjoy a wildlife Eco tour as you visit this facility that works to conserve the two endangered species of crocodiles found in the Philippines, the saltwater crocodile and the endemic Philippine freshwater crocodile. See for real these cold blooded animals and get to know the facts about these species of reptiles, the only known survivors of the Dinosaur Age. It would be interesting as well to learn the economic importance of crocodilians.

There is a Nature Park that shelters animals found in Palawan, some are rare and endangered species like the elusive Palawan Bear Cat, the raucous Talking Mynah, the colorful Nicobar Pigeon and Palawan Peacock Pheasant.

How to get there:

By tricycle from the airport or from the city proper  Php 300.00 (good for 3 persons)

Take the jeepney or multicab bound for Irawan along national highway    Php 25.00 /person

Tricycles, vans and jeepneys for hire are also available.

Travel time is 20 minutes by land, boat ride depends of the distance of the island from the wharf.

South Road
Brgy. Irawan
Puerto Princesa City
Palawan 5300