The Irawan Eco Park located south of Puerto Princesa is a 3,000 hectares Flora and Fauna Protected Area which forms part of the Irawan Watershed. 

The Irawan Forest is accessible even to non hiking persons. Even the less adventurous who don't want to take the Forest Canopy Zip line, the eco and river tour itself is well worth a trip up to the Eco Park just to explore and commune with nature and walk along its crystal clear river.

The Irawan Arts Café and Gallery of the Irawan Eco Park showcases artworks of Jerome Ray Miano, the resident artist, and other local artists with the Aborlan Arts Program, the only active program in Palawan addressing the needs of the out-of-school youth through arts development.

All around you, the sights, sounds and even the jungle air itself seems to breathe and whisper of a secret world. Take a step into that world with the Irawan Eco-Adventure Tour which takes you to the jungles of Palawan.

Regarded as one of the best geographical regions to enjoy eco adventurous in the entire South East Asia, Palawan is indeed paradise for nature lovers.

Zone 13
Brgy. Irawan
Palawan 5300