Presidential Proclamation 215 declares that all mangrove areas in Puerto Princesa are part of the Mangrove Swamp Forest Reserves and prohibits, effective in 1981, any conversion of mangrove into other land uses such as fishpond. However, before the effectivity of this law, there were already 723.6 hectares of mangrove in Puerto Princesa covered with Fishpond Lease Agreement (FLA) which are located in Honda Bay (272.6 has), Ulugan Bay (301 has) and Puerto Princesa Bay (150 has).

In June 2000, the DENR-CENRO reported that 185 hectares of mangrove forests were converted into fishponds and beach resorts.

The Survey Team reported that mangrove in Sta. Lourdes (123.85 has.), Tagburos (272.80 has.), Bacungan (378.96 has.) and Kamuning (886.15 has.) commonly known as STAGBAK are covered with CBFMA issued in 2001 under the ADB-JBIC funded project. About 900 hectares of mudflats/tidal-flats were also afforested with Rhizophora spp (R. stylosa, R. apiculata, and R. mucronata) from 1996 to 1998 under the Fisheries Sector Project funded by ADB which are located in Ulugan Bay (200 has), Honda Bay (400 has) and Puerto Princesa Bay (300 has). Currently, there are at least five (5) areas of mangroves developed and promoted as part of ecological tourist destination namely: Bahile, Sabang, Bat Island, Bakau Island, San Jose and Dos Palmas.