Tourist Attractions

A stop-over at the viewdeck offers the visitor a stunning panoramic view of Ulugan Bay, a deep channel in the midwestern coast of the City. Shop for souvenirs and dine al fresco at the restaurant while enjoying the scenery.

How to get there:

From the terminal take jeepney, bus or shuttle vans bound to North Palawan.

    Shuttle Van- P120.00

The Maoyon River Cruise Tour gives the visitors a glimpse of the lovely river in Barngay Maoyon with its abundant freshwater life and lush greeneries while on board a floating house serving native delicacies and entertained by local tunes, highlighted by a trip to the nearby century-old giant Dao tree. Bring families and friends for bamboo rafting at Burabod riverside picnic area.

A Gold PATA Awardee for ecotourism, operated by the Iwahig Community Ecotourism Association. Visitors will be enthralled by a fascinating sight of myriad colonies of fireflies illuminating the riverbanks of Iwahig River at night time. The presence of fireflies signify a healthy natural environment of a river ecosystem with pure unpolluted atmosphere wherein you can breathe the freshest air.